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File, Site, Programming Language…

Okeh…dapet link lg dr Ries n Eru. *tanpa izin*

Trus, ktmu yg ini. Aneh..*yg nyobain lbih aneh*

So, this is my type of File Extension…

You are .*	 You are a wildcard.  You are everything to everybody.  You can't make up your mind as to what you want to be.
Which File Extension are You?

And….tipe programming language-ku adalah….

You are Perl. People have a hard time understanding you, but you are always able to help them with almost all of their problems.
Which Programming Language are You?

Then, tipe website ku!….

You are You are a know-it-all.  You are trustworthy, most of the time.  You are  versatile and useful.  You like volunteering.  You are free.
Which Website are You?

Hohoho…another OOT again!


10 thoughts on “File, Site, Programming Language…

  1. Dari gambarnya, kamu berarti unta berekor bintang yg suka main puzzle 😀

    ** dilempar unta **

    3-3nya saling mendukung kowq Mi. Berarti bener 😀

  2. * buka link2 baru ngikutin quizz*
    **ketoro nek gak ono kerjaan**

    Mi……..kmu punya mainan baru kok gk bilang2 ke aku siiiih….
    *sok2 minta diperhatiin*

    kamu kan everything to everyone
    *apa iya sih ???*
    ** dapat guci pecah dari Michan **

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