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Weird Site

Berawal dr postingan ny si Eru, aq coba2 juga!

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets


How many people died on the day I born
147,557 People

or what is the change I will survive if I was stranded on the moon…

How geek I am…

How creative I am…

My body’s cost…

My survival rate if Zombie really2 exist!

Rate to eat my buddies!


9 thoughts on “Weird Site

  1. wkwkwwkwkwk……

    situsnya emang aneh,
    yang lebih aneh yah yang ngikutin ya…

    **lirik lirik trus koprol ke TKP*


  2. @ sella
    Wkwkwk…ikutin juga!!! Brarti sella lebih aneh!

    Krna ngikutin org aneh yg ngisi kuis aneh d site yg aneh!

  3. @ eru
    Huh…km lbih aneh, Ru. Kan sensei ny, yg ngasi link ituh!

    @ nai
    Wkwkwk…d cobain lagiii
    Mumpung lagi lariiis! D icip atuh!

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