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Ost. Euro 2008

I dunno why…aq lg suka bgt ma lagu ini. Kereen…bkin smangat! Most played deh d mp3 ku!!! Lgu ny soundtrack euro 2008. Yg ada video ny d RCTI itu lhoo….Keren kan? Kyaaa!!! But, blum dpet lirik ny sih. Susah dpet ny.

Okeh okeh…ini dia Like a Superstar by Trix Flix feat Shaggy!!! Yeah!!

Euro 2008.mp3


14 thoughts on “Ost. Euro 2008

  1. Ya yaaa, silakan d donlot. Kan brkat mbak carra jg…hehe

    Ngerusuh? Hehe…skarang lg latian drama niy. >.<

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