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Hehehe…Reedler, I have many time to make this today. So…oke lah. I try…

1. I’m enjoyable people
2. Some people say, I’m humorist
3. I love to eat ice cream in the morning
4. And I love chocolate milk too
5. Bad drivers make me mad
5. But, sometimes I do the same thing
6. I have no brother and no sister. Many people think I’m lucky, but I’m not. Being ‘the only one’ is harder than it’s seem
7. I hate crowd
8. Even at school
9. I’m stupid at calculation
10. Especially, in mathematics
11. Hmm. I’m good in English. Only in vocab.
12. But grammar? I hate it…
13. I usually can’t sleep at night
14. Insomnia make me awake all night.
15. So, I have so many time to imagine
16. I have many high fantasy
17. I can’t eat without chilli. Seriously…
18. I love cooking
19. But not so good to be a chef
20. I hate fastfood
21. I hate rules
22. And often break that
23. I don’t like forcing too
24. I often forget where I put my glasess
25. And I often forget to bring my HP
26. I hate reptile
27. Specially, snake
28. I love cat, but I can’t keep it because my bad allergic
29. My favorite number is 10 and 13
30. I love reading all
31. I love to go anywhere. Somewhere new..
32. I have many faces
33. Sometimes, I can be a very loveable people
34. But, sometimes I can be a bad-tempered people
35. I’m a bad liar. I don’t know why, just can’t do it
36. Sst, I have special pose when I sleep. PW
37. I think about death 13 times a day
38. I think about life 10 times a day
39. I hate all the things about ghost, satan, etc
40. But I watched ‘The Ring’ 4 times
41. I love to wake up early in the morning.
42. But, I often come to school when the gate almost closed
43. I spend a hour, just to take a bath
44. I hate drama movies, romance movies, and something like that
45. I hate reality shows too,..
46. I’m the only one a comic reader in my class
47. And that’s make me freak
48. I love Spongebob Squarepants
49. And love watching Animax and Disney Channel
50. I’m not pretty that much
51. But, many people say I’m cute
52. I have AB blood type
53. I really want to be a lawyer
54. Or a notary
55. But, sometimes I think that photographer isn’t bad
56. I’m sensitive with dust and wind
57. I’m a wasteful. But nobody’s believe that
58. And I’m sluggard
59. Because of (point num 58), I habitual doing anything in hurry
60. And that’s make me careless
61. But, sometimes I can be the opposite of that
61. I like being ‘single’
62. Because, I’m bad in romance
63. I’m not really good in fashion
64. And I’m not a good follower mode
65. I just love my old jeans, my T-shirt, and my lovely sneaker
66. And that’s make people say I’m not 100% girl
67. Hmm…I hate my uniform.
68. I love music very much. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, R&B, Metal, Dangdut, semua ny ayoook deh.
69. But I’m bad playing guitar, drum, etc
70. I like playing piano, but not so good to be a pianist
71. I hate dramaaqueen people
72. And people which don’t have ambition
73. I only live with my mother. My father work in other city
74. I cant’ make summary, and decision neither
75. I can’t choose
76. I’m good learning something new
77. I love cofee
78. And tea too
79. Honestly, I’m a little bit emo
80. I love beach
81. And love wasting my time there
82. I ilke to see blue sky too
83. And take a picture of that
84. I’m not good with pink.
85. But, I look great with black and brown
86. My skin colour is white. Hmm…brown. Something in between.
87. I have many bad habits, such as bitting my fingernail
88. I love to write, but I prefer to type it in my laptop
89. Ukh, I hate doing this
90. I love Bengkulu
91. I hate tight place
92. And darkness too
93. But, sometimes I need that to hide
94. I have a best friend. Very. Now, she lives in Bandung.
95. I’m fogetful person
96. I think that’s Alzheimer. But it’s not
97. I wish I can speak in my languages
98. Look! I’m confuse to finish this.
99. I love drizzle
100. Prefer think with reality, than logic.

Hahaha…finish!!! Yeah…


27 thoughts on “Tagged: 100 Things About Me

  1. 92. And darkness too
    –> aaah my counter character πŸ˜€

    96. I think that’s Alzheimer. But it’s not
    –> your age? Alzheimer

    89. Ukh, I hate doing this
    –> but you survive eh

    87. I have many bad habits, such as bitting my fingernail
    –> so i can kill you by toxic

    80. I love beach
    –> Beach? boooring (I see it everyday >. emo girl ahahahaha

    40. But I watched β€˜The Ring’ 4 times
    –> that’s an odd choice πŸ˜€

    5. Bad drivers make me mad
    –> I C πŸ˜€ that’s why u’ve wreck the car πŸ˜€

    tag someone… tag someone…

  2. @ reedler
    Yeah, I will survive!
    Hehe, I know Alzheimer is for old people. But I said “I think”, rite? And “it’s not”.
    Oh noo!!! You want to kill me by toxic? Ew
    Come on! You live in Kuta!!! Ok2, I see it everyday too…You know, many people say, beach in Bengkulu is the second beautiful beach in Indonesia, after Bali. He2
    So why? Up to me dong…
    Hehe, that’s right!

  3. Yeah…,Emo=Emotional…
    I’m unsympathetic girl…I don’t care what’s emo mean….I love my oWn style…

  4. 70. –>lumayan, but masi mendingan aq kan?

    14. –>and that’s make many people worried bout you.

    61. –>really???

    57. –>I do believe that. Boros sih iy, tp yg d beli komik ma novel mulu!

  5. @ rega
    Iya, km kan master! *muntah2*

    Worried?? Udah biasaaa kaleee…


    Loh? Emg slah? Km ini piye toh…
    Duit2 aku, yaa terserah aq dung!

    @ mina-san
    Gomenasaiii….kek ny banyak nomer ny yg dobel! Brarti lebih dr 100 yak?? Hihihi

  6. Aku nggak perlu bikin postingan kayak gini deh, soalna apa yang kamu tulis diatas tuh udah berasa ngewakilin sifat diriku juga.

    Heheuu.. πŸ˜†


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