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Hehehe…Reedler, I have many time to make this today. So…oke lah. I try…

1. I’m enjoyable people
2. Some people say, I’m humorist
3. I love to eat ice cream in the morning
4. And I love chocolate milk too
5. Bad drivers make me mad
5. But, sometimes I do the same thing
6. I have no brother and no sister. Many people think I’m lucky, but I’m not. Being ‘the only one’ is harder than it’s seem
7. I hate crowd
8. Even at school
9. I’m stupid at calculation
10. Especially, in mathematics
11. Hmm. I’m good in English. Only in vocab.
12. But grammar? I hate it…
13. I usually can’t sleep at night
14. Insomnia make me awake all night.
15. So, I have so many time to imagine
16. I have many high fantasy
17. I can’t eat without chilli. Seriously…
18. I love cooking
19. But not so good to be a chef
20. I hate fastfood
21. I hate rules
22. And often break that
23. I don’t like forcing too
24. I often forget where I put my glasess
25. And I often forget to bring my HP
26. I hate reptile
27. Specially, snake
28. I love cat, but I can’t keep it because my bad allergic
29. My favorite number is 10 and 13
30. I love reading all
31. I love to go anywhere. Somewhere new..
32. I have many faces
33. Sometimes, I can be a very loveable people
34. But, sometimes I can be a bad-tempered people
35. I’m a bad liar. I don’t know why, just can’t do it
36. Sst, I have special pose when I sleep. PW
37. I think about death 13 times a day
38. I think about life 10 times a day
39. I hate all the things about ghost, satan, etc
40. But I watched ‘The Ring’ 4 times
41. I love to wake up early in the morning.
42. But, I often come to school when the gate almost closed
43. I spend a hour, just to take a bath
44. I hate drama movies, romance movies, and something like that
45. I hate reality shows too,..
46. I’m the only one a comic reader in my class
47. And that’s make me freak
48. I love Spongebob Squarepants
49. And love watching Animax and Disney Channel
50. I’m not pretty that much
51. But, many people say I’m cute
52. I have AB blood type
53. I really want to be a lawyer
54. Or a notary
55. But, sometimes I think that photographer isn’t bad
56. I’m sensitive with dust and wind
57. I’m a wasteful. But nobody’s believe that
58. And I’m sluggard
59. Because of (point num 58), I habitual doing anything in hurry
60. And that’s make me careless
61. But, sometimes I can be the opposite of that
61. I like being ‘single’
62. Because, I’m bad in romance
63. I’m not really good in fashion
64. And I’m not a good follower mode
65. I just love my old jeans, my T-shirt, and my lovely sneaker
66. And that’s make people say I’m not 100% girl
67. Hmm…I hate my uniform.
68. I love music very much. Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, R&B, Metal, Dangdut, semua ny ayoook deh.
69. But I’m bad playing guitar, drum, etc
70. I like playing piano, but not so good to be a pianist
71. I hate dramaaqueen people
72. And people which don’t have ambition
73. I only live with my mother. My father work in other city
74. I cant’ make summary, and decision neither
75. I can’t choose
76. I’m good learning something new
77. I love cofee
78. And tea too
79. Honestly, I’m a little bit emo
80. I love beach
81. And love wasting my time there
82. I ilke to see blue sky too
83. And take a picture of that
84. I’m not good with pink.
85. But, I look great with black and brown
86. My skin colour is white. Hmm…brown. Something in between.
87. I have many bad habits, such as bitting my fingernail
88. I love to write, but I prefer to type it in my laptop
89. Ukh, I hate doing this
90. I love Bengkulu
91. I hate tight place
92. And darkness too
93. But, sometimes I need that to hide
94. I have a best friend. Very. Now, she lives in Bandung.
95. I’m fogetful person
96. I think that’s Alzheimer. But it’s not
97. I wish I can speak in my languages
98. Look! I’m confuse to finish this.
99. I love drizzle
100. Prefer think with reality, than logic.

Hahaha…finish!!! Yeah…