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Quotes in Naruto

Here’s some quotes found from Naruto. Enjoy! 

From Kankuro n Naruto:

Kankuro: “You’re an interesting guy, I like you.”
Naruto: “You’re not interesting, I don’t like you.”

*thinking* This brat…I’m going to kill him.

From Gain n Kakashi:

Gai: “Youth is sweet and sour and sometimes strict Kakashi”
“Did you say something”
Gai: “Oh my god!!! That was pretty good rival Kakashi. That reaction is somewhat ‘modern’ and it pisses me off.”

From Gai n Lee:

Gai: “Lee!!”
Lee: “Sensei!!”
Gai: “Lee!!”
Lee: “Sensei!!” (hugs and sunset and beautiful waves)

From Jiraiya:– “Shut up you flat-chested bitch Tsunade!”
– ” Die! Just Die! You have no talent at all!!”

From Naruto:
– “My name is Uzumaki Naruto! I’m not going to lose to any of you!”

From Sasuke :
– “There are tons of things I dislike and I don’t really like anything.”

From Haku :
– “By the way, I’m a boy.” (**star quote)
– “To have a precious someone to protect will you become truly strong.”

From Kakashi :
– “Hmm how shall I say this… My first impression is… I don’t like you guys.”
– “I have no desire to tell you guys about my likes and dislikes”

From Sakura :
– “You’re too unique for my tastes!”
– “Sasuke-kun!!”
– “I can fight too!” (yea right)

From Gai :
– “Kakashi! Why do you always pursue such revolutionary attitudes!”
– “Dynamic entry!!!” -kicks Jiraiya-

From Chouji :
– “Akamaru sure looks tasty now”

From Shikamaru :
– “How troublesome”
– “Why am I always the only one who has to fight girls?”

From Hinata :
– “Was I able to change myself a little…?”
– “Naruto-kun…”

From Gaara :
– “I love only myself and fight only for myself.”

D ambil dr sini


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